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September 5, 2014

Paul Krugman Destroys the Skills Gap Myth


Conservatives and Neoliberals often blame unemployment on the skills gap, the claim that jobs are open because workers are not able to fill them. Paul Krugman takes this claim apart by pointing to the most deadly thing of all – facts. Using economic data and a tool called the Beveridge Curve, Krugman shows that the rate of unemployed based on skills is its usual rate. Rather than blaming workers for not being skilled, shouldn’t we be debating better ways to train workers and educate students? Shouldn’t we be talking about how to invest in the future?

December 22, 2011

Take Advantage of Employee-Sponsored Training

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Does your employer offer training that will let you improve your professional skills?  If so, find a way to take advantage of this resource.  One of my clients is looking to change jobs.  However, while he’s looking for a new employer, he’s also using an online resource to improve his computer skills. 

There is one note of caution.  If you’re enrolled in a formal degree or certification program, be sure you know the employer’s requirements.  Most employers require that you work for a company so long while/after completing degrees or you may be responsible for repaying tuition costs. 

Training can lead you to a promotion or a new job.  Take advantage of it whenever possible.

November 22, 2010

Do You Need Training?

Job seekers assume the worst, especially when it comes to technical skills.  Clients frequently tell me they need to take training for a new kind of computer skills.  I ask them if they are sure they will need it.  In many cases, they are assuming without checking job postings or career profiles.  Take the time to build a market profile.  Review 8-10 job postings and note all of the requirements that employers are looking for.  If 6 of 10 or 5 of 8 employers are looking for someone who knows Excel, it is probably important that you know how to use the software.  If it’s not, you might be wasting good time and money taking a class you won’t need.

Take the time to do the research before you jump into training.  Is it needed?  Will it be worth your time and money?