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December 13, 2011

Tim Tebow and the Job Search

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I’m not a fan of Tim Tebow as a quarterback or a preacher.  However, the young man has some outstanding qualities that anyone looking for work would be wise to imitate.  First, Tebow doesn’t stop because things don’t go his way.  He has tremendous faith (I mean that word in a non-religious sense) that he will succeed.  Second, Tebow seems unaffected by some of the most vicious criticism I’ve heard in 35 years as a sports fan.  Finally, he is a winner – 7-1 since taking over as starter for the Broncos.

What can a job seeker take from this example?  Keep faith in yourself.  Don’t get down when other criticize you.  Win!  This all sounds simple when put in words.  Every job search is a struggle.  Having faith in yourself and standing up in the face of rejection is part of finding a new job.  We need to stay strong and stay focused on the win. 

Do I think Tim Tebow have a long career as a quarterback?  Probably not.  But his attitude will lead to success in some other field, probably coaching.  Whatever you think of his play and proselytizing, let his confidence and courage fire up your job search.