Career Calling

November 22, 2010

Do You Need Training?

Job seekers assume the worst, especially when it comes to technical skills.  Clients frequently tell me they need to take training for a new kind of computer skills.  I ask them if they are sure they will need it.  In many cases, they are assuming without checking job postings or career profiles.  Take the time to build a market profile.  Review 8-10 job postings and note all of the requirements that employers are looking for.  If 6 of 10 or 5 of 8 employers are looking for someone who knows Excel, it is probably important that you know how to use the software.  If it’s not, you might be wasting good time and money taking a class you won’t need.

Take the time to do the research before you jump into training.  Is it needed?  Will it be worth your time and money?