Career Calling

January 11, 2014

Hard Choices in a Career Change

One of my clients, let’s call him Jim, came to see me about a career change.  Jim has had a very successful career in sales, but feels burnt out.  He also wants to get off the road and spend more time with his family.  We discussed his options for career change.  Given his industry expertise and background in sales, it would be natural for Jim to pursue a new career in purchasing.  He was excited by that option.

Here’s the problem that leads to hard choices:  If he pursues a career in purchasing, Jim is likely to face a big cut in salary, as much as $50,000.  Against this, he has to weigh time away from his family and the pressure that comes with a six-figure sales position.  What should Jim do?  I rose the questions, but didn’t have a good answer.  When we make career changes to improve quality of life, one of the challenges is often working for a lower salary.  Jim is weighing his options with his wife.  His story is one many people are facing today.  The choices aren’t easy.