Career Calling

July 17, 2015

Save Documents That Affect Your Professional Reputation

A client recently told me about a job she left because of an abusive boss.  I asked her if she had any documents to back up her side of the story.  She reached in a folder and produced  a series of emails in which her supervisor used demeaning language and made claims that my client could prove to be lies.  Just as importantly, she had several performance reviews from previous managers that contradicted her current manager’s claims.  The same principle holds true for documenting positive incidents you can use to back up your success stories.  Keep whatever impacts your professional reputation.

I need to add a warning to this advice.  Some companies clearly state that you cannot copy/print such documents.  If you try to use such documents in any kind of case against the company, there is a good chance that they could work against you.  Worse still, the company could take action against you.  What’s an alternative if the company has such restrictions?  Recruit co-workers and clients who will be a reference for new employers.  Know your strengths and have a way to back them up.