Career Calling

December 31, 2013

Where You Live Matters

A client met me today.  At first, I thought she lived in Chicago, and I was confident that she could find the kind of job she was looking for.  Then she told me she was living in Tennessee with her husband, who is in the military.  That made me stop.  There are rural and urban areas of Tennessee, and where she was living could impact her job search.  When I asked her about her current location, she threw a curve ball: “We’re moving to Hawaii in two weeks.”  I love Hawaii, but it has a unique economy and culture.  What we expect on the mainland is not always the same.  Moreover, each island is different.  I counseled my client on the importance of doing good research to know what kind of jobs are available that meet her skills.  The bottom line is that where we live has a big impact on the kind of work we can do.  Know where you live and what you can do there.  That’s a big factor in career management.