Career Calling

September 14, 2013

Calling Beats Email

I’ve had a big problem over the last week:  my company’s email system was down.  In that time, a few clients called to ask what was wrong, which I appreciate.  It also let me remind them of one of my most important career management strategies:  If it’s important, call rather than email.

It’s very easy to dodge email contacts.  If you’re clumsy like me, it’s also easy to delete or clump email together in a way that makes it easy to lose a connection.  Finally, as in my sad case, there are times when systems go down.  Generally speaking, none of these problems are as bad if you use the phone.

I also prefer phone contacts because they enable better communication.  If you follow up on a job interview by phone you can ask questions and engage the employer in a way that email does not allow.  You can also set up another interview in real time rather than going back and forth by email.

If it’s important, use the phone.  It’s the best way to follow up.