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April 29, 2012

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

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Yesterday Delmon Young of the Detroit Tigers was arrested in New York for a hate crime.  Young saw a group of men give money to a panhandler who was wearing a yarmulke and Star of David.  He yelled an anti-Semitic slur, which led one of the men to engage him about his comments.  Young, who was intoxicated, apparently assaulted this man and was later arrested.

How is this a worker issue?  This is a case of a well-paid employee (Young makes $6.7 million a year) being really stupid.  It’s almost certain that he will be suspended by his team or the league.  It is also possible that the Tigers could move to cut him and void his contract.  His market value will also be hurt if not ruined by this incident.  I imagine he could even face civil action from the man he allegedly assaulted.

I am frequently critical of how employers treat workers.  In this case, no one can be held responsible but Delmon Young.  Earlier in his career, when he was in the minor leagues, he threw a bat at an umpire and was suspended for 50 games.  I’m sure there was some attempt to have him go to counseling or anger management at that time.  He still has a major problem and no one to blame but himself for his actions.  There is only one word to sum up this incident: Stupid.