Career Calling

June 1, 2013

Work Tools and Personal Information

A client called me yesterday.  He was very worried about an email he sent a friend that included negative information about his boss.  Why was he worried?  He sent the email from a work-owned computer.  Could they track or read this email.  Since it was on his Gmail account, I think it’s unlikely that the document can be read by his employer.  However, the employer can tell that he is using is email for non-work purposes, which could be a problem in itself.

If you have any kind of employer-owned tool (computer, phone, car, etc.), be sure that you know and abide by the company’s rules.  Some companies let employees use these tools for personal business.  Even in these cases, I would recommend being very careful in how you use anything owned by an employer.  While it’s tempting to only use one phone and computer, there’s an equally good case to be made for always having your own computer and phone, especially if you are conducting a job search while you are employed.  Keep work tools and personal information separate.