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AAA Targeted Writing & Coaching Services offers job search support, including professional resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, and guidance during career change.  We meet with every client and conduct an in-depth interview to understand your career goals.  Our goal is to help you manage your career and  enjoy professional success.

 AAA Targeted Writing & Coaching is Chicago’s Local Choice

Our Services include:

* Professional Resume Writing

* Cover Letters

* Career Coaching & Planning

* Job Search Strategy

* Career Change Strategies

* Salary Histories

* Reference Lists

* Government Resumes & KSA

* Resume Updates

* Interview Preparation

* Outplacement Services (group, one-on-one)

* Training for career service professionals

AAA Targeted Writing & Coaching Services is committed to helping clients at every stage of their career.  We have guided clients from new college grads to business executives in finding the best way to present themselves to potential employers.

Our service is professional, convenient, and fast (most projects finished in 2-3 days).



As a Career Coach & Résumé Writer: To guide clients in defining their professional goals and support them throughout their careers.

As a Writer of Personal & Business Communications: To determine a client’s needs and work with him or her to produce documents and messages that address a target audience(s) in language that is clear, concise, and compelling.


Recommendations posted on

What a find!!! I’ve been trying to put my resume together for months and it never seemed right. Happened across this company, walked in met Clay Cerny, interviewed on Friday and had my resume by Monday. He did in a few hours what I’ve been stressing and fretting about for a long time and there may be no higher compliment than when a colleague reads it and says “That describes you perfectly”.


I worked with the owner, Clay, to go over interviewing techniques for a job that I really wanted to land. He focuses not on just giving the right answers to the interviewer, but also on how to close the interview. The close is actually a lot of fun and it really works. Clay has worked in HR for a large corporation as a recruiter for a lot of years and truly knows what you need to do to make yourself look like the ideal candidate.  I recommend that you talk to Clay in person or over the phone before any big interview. You will be glad you did. Clay if you’re reading this. Thank you for your help! I got the job!


To reach Clay Cerny call 773-907-8660 or email at


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