Career Calling

July 2, 2015

Choosing Life over a Fancy Title and Pay


One of my clients is currently an Assistant Manager.  He has been very successful in his field.  Logically, his next move should be to pursue a position as a General Manager.  Instead, he is going into a position in route sales and delivery.  When I asked why he would do this, his reasons were all great and thoughtful.  First, pay is similar for both positions.  Second, he’ll work fewer days and hours, which means his hourly pay will be higher.  Most importantly, he’ll be able to spend more time with his family, which is his priority at this time.

This story illustrates a major problem in career management:  your money or your life.  For many professionals, especially those pursuing careers that pay well, the sacrifice is personal time.  One way to avoid this trap is to keep looking for companies that respect their employees as people.  During second or third interviews, it’s acceptable to ask what a typical day or week is like.  You could also ask about the company’s policies that promote work-life balance.  Such jobs will be hard to find.  Productivity has gone up and up over the last decade because too many companies are not concerned with anything except the bottom line.


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