Career Calling

March 5, 2015

The Best Career Path


I’ve been learning a lot lately from reading Bloomberg. It’s a great source for business news, but it also covers technology, politics, and some career issues. Today it features an article on the best career path. The lead sentence says it all: “It pays to have a way with numbers.” College graduates who major in computer science or math have the best long term salary gains. My clients in these fields have not only had the opportunity to make money. They are also able to transition to new jobs quickly and adapt to advances in technology and systems.

Does this mean every college student should try to major in these fields? No. Happiness is a big part of success, and happy people do what they love. If a person’s gifts lead her toward a degree in English or Drama, she should follow that path with eyes open about career options. College graduates from all backgrounds have a broad ranges of skills and knowledge that they can use to build a career. They might not make the money that a computer programmer will, but they can still be successful.

The best career path is one that lets us earn a good living and still be happy.


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