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April 1, 2014

An Odd Take on the Minimum Wage

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In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, a reader named Ted Schwartz from Brookfield wrote: “Who will benefit when they raise the minimum wage?  The state and federal governments.  They will collect more in taxes when the raise goes in.”


By such logic, we should not have a minimum wage.  The only thing worse than Mr. Schwartz’s logic are his facts.  Low wage worker pay little or no income tax to the state and federal government.  However, they do pay more in sales taxes because they will be able to buy more, which is good for low wage workers and for the economy as a whole.  I don’t know why people like Mr. Schwartz are so bitter that they want to begrudge the least among us.  My problem is more with billionaires and corporations who have written the tax code for their benefit.  A raise in the minimum wage will be good for everyone, including the companies who will pay higher wages, because they will have more business.  The idea is to bring more money into the economy, not to take it out.


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