Career Calling

February 27, 2014

Career Change Freedom

I recently spoke to a group of college students recently.  I asked what their concerns were about find work.  One said that some students had problems finding jobs in their major.  For some, this might be a problem.  For others, however, it can be a career advantage.  Many of my most successful clients work in fields that have little to do with their major.  For them, a change in career goals was not a limitation, but a type of freedom.

At least half of my clients who were trained as lawyers work in fields outside of the law.  Some are managers or consultants.  Others work in communications or media.  Training in the law provides a wide range of skills that are applicable beyond the court room.  In a similar sense, people who major in the humanities rarely work in their majors.  Instead, they use broad skills in thinking and communication to adapt to all types of professional fields.  They are often the people best fit to move across careers because they haven’t committed themselves to a field like accounting or engineering.  That said, some of my clients who are accountants and engineers have made exciting career changes that have brought them new opportunities and increased income.

Don’t limit yourself.  As Seth Godin says, “Draw your own map.”  Too often a person who wants to make a change convinces herself that she can’t do it.  At that point, one thing is certain – failure.  Some people try to change careers and fail, but they have taken the first step and have a chance to try again.  They have given themselves that freedom.


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