Career Calling

February 12, 2014

Low Wage Backlash?

Writing in Think Progress, Bryce Covert examines problems at Walmart.  Some stores have lost sales because the shelves are empty.  Why are they empty?  Because there are no workers to fill them.  As the retail giant cuts its full-time work force, the quality of work has gone done as well.  Shelves are not being refilled, which also means that shoppers will find other places to buy.  Covert points out that several research companies have downgraded Walmart because of this problem.

Sooner or later, employees will show that they have had enough.  They will not work hard, do sloppy work, or jump from job to job to punish the employer who mistreats them.  Shoppers will go where they get the best price and the product they want.  Some shoppers may even be paying attention to how a company treats its workers.


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