Career Calling

February 11, 2014

Who Needs to Know Excel?

Clients frequently worry about not knowing how to use a certain software program or package.  I will reassure them that it’s only important to know what you need to your job or the new type of job you want to do.  For anyone working with financial data, Excel is a must.  It’s not enough to know how to enter day in rows and columns.  Professionals in financial fields often need advanced skills, which include formulas, v look up, and pivot tables.  How do you know if you need these skills?  Gather a sample of job posts for the kind of work you want to do (8-10 job posts), and review them for technical skills.  If they mention Excel, look for the word advanced or terms like formulas, v look up, and pivot tables.  Companies that require these skills will often test applicants, so you can’t bluff your level of knowledge.  It will be time to find some kind of class or online program that will let you build your skills.


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