Career Calling

February 1, 2014

Recruiters, Contract Jobs, and Temporary Positions

Many clients will tell me that they want to find a job through a recruiter.  Often that is not a realistic option.  Recruiters usually work with professionals who have high incomes or special skills.  They make their money as a percentage of their clients’ first year salary.

Do not confuse recruiters with companies that provide contract work or temporary positions.  This type of job often limit employees in three ways.  First, the work they provide is short term.  Second, pay is limited since the contract/temporary employment firm takes part of the fee from employers to cover its cost.  Third, employers often will not hire temporary or contract employees to full time positions because they have to pay a fee to the company providing the labor.  Is it ever good to work on a contract basis?  Yes.  If a firm offers great pay or a path to full time employment at a great company like Microsoft, a contract job can be a way to move forward.  For many workers, especially those making less than $15, it is often a dead end.

If you have a high salary or unique skills, try to find a good recruiter.  But don’t let that be the only way you look for work.  Continue to network and respond to posts for open positions.  If you are considering working for a temporary or contract firm, think carefully about the arrangement.  In most cases, it is more beneficial to take charge of your job search and find a full time job where you are employed by the company you are working for.  Some companies are now only hiring employees through contract firms.  If possible, avoid such arrangements.


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