Career Calling

January 8, 2014

No One Over Forty

I like to use separate banks for my personal and business banking.  I noticed something funny the other day:  None of the employees at either bank were over 40.  When I first opened my business account, the branch manager, teller manager, and several of the tellers were my age or older (I’m 52).  Over the past three years, those employees are all gone.  It’s the same story where I do my personal banking.  The faces that I knew when first used the bank are all gone, replaced by much younger employees.

I frequently counsel clients that age discrimination is a reality we have to deal with.  On a personal level, is still believe that to be the truth.  We can’t move the clock back.  However, as a customer, it’s offensive that a company gets rid of good employees because they can find a cheaper alternative.  Customers are alienated when the people they’ve done business with disappear.  It seems that the banks don’t care.  Money first; people last.  Too often that has become the model for business in America.


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