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January 6, 2014

Sabbath, January 5, 2014

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[On Sundays, this blog explore topics outside the career world in “Sabbath.”]

Cold Weather and Climate Change

Aljazeera America has posted a great feature on cold weather and misunderstandings about climate change.  Cold weather or hot weather in any one place does not mean that climate change is a myth or as some like to put it “just a theory.”  Scientists study patterns over time.  They also look at patterns across the world, especially at the North and South Poles.  That evidence has been conclusive:  the climate is changing and, year over year, the planet is growing warmer.

My biggest problem with climate change deniers is that they base their claims on limited evidence.  They are not just denying climate change, but science and knowledge.  There are similar debates about evolution.  Science has established that life on earth evolved.  Some people see this as a challenge to their faith and deny evidence produced by scientists who have studied the question for over 150 years.

Everyone has a write to hold an opinion.  When that opinion is countered by facts, however, it should be taken as hollow thinking.  The odd thing is that many Americans are more on the side of opinion than science, which does not bode well for the future.

A final point:  To those who point to the cold weather in the U.S. as evidence against climate change, check out the weather in Australia, which Aljazeera calls “an unprecedented heat wave.”


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