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December 29, 2013

What Is the Best Website for a Job Search?

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There isn’t one.  A good job search should never rely on one of anything.  First, have more than one way to look for work: networking, identifying/following specific companies, job boards, LinkedIn, posting, recruiters, and temporary services.  This list is not complete.  There are many other ways to look for a job.  My advice is that you should consistently use at least three methods during every job search.

The same point applies to job boards.  Many clients have told me that they love Indeed because it collects job posts from several websites.  It does, and that has always been my problem with the site: the same job can be listed more than once.  I recommend that job seekers find two or three sites they like to use and check for new posts every few days.  Should you post a resume?  In most cases, it doesn’t hurt.  But it will seldom lead to an interview.  When should you not post a resume?  Never post a resume if your company has a history of firing employees who are looking for a job.  Not many companies do this.  However, I have been at two seminars where HR managers talked about working for companies that fired employees who were discovered to be looking for jobs.  Posting should only be done if you are unemployed or if you are certain that it will not lead to your being fired.

What sites do I recommend?  Careerbuilder, Monster, and LinkedIn.  If you are being paid by the hour or looking for a part-time job, Craigslist might be a good option.  However, it’s also important to learn about any websites in your industry that might also post jobs.  This could included sites for professional associations or industry news.  Some groups on LinkedIn have job boards that are only open to members of the group.  Keep looking for new sources where you can find potential employers.  Don’t assume you are covering all the bases.  Most important, never rely on one source.

Good luck in your career management and job search in 2014 – Happy New Year!


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