Career Calling

December 20, 2013

Know Your Profession – Map Your Success

Today I was working with a recent college graduate who wants to break into the fashion industry. Her current way of looking for work is to check job board websites every few days.  I suggested an alternative: Become an expert about your profession.  I recommended that she learn everything she can about companies in Chicago that deal with fashion (She does not want to relocate).  Her next step would be to look for any open jobs at these companies that fit her skills.  Beyond that she should try to build network relations that will let her meet potential employers.  It’s fine to check job boards.   But when you work in a specialized industry, the only good way to manage your career is to know it inside and out.  It is necessary to build a network and track changes in the industry.  Think of this exercise as creating a map that will let you plan and navigate your career.

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