Career Calling

December 4, 2013

What Is an Employer Investing in You?

I met with a long time client today.  He had a short, unhappy stint with a company that paid a low wage and had high turnover.  He asked me what could be done to prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.  I told him to ask this question: What is the employer investing in you?

If an employer pays a low wage or works by a commission with small/no base pay, that company is telling you up front that they do not value you as an employee.  If you perform well, you will be underpaid and maybe complimented.  If you do not meet performance goals or dare to question how employees are treated, you will be replaced.  A good employer will pay a decent wage and have clear rules for performance.  This type of company usually does not have high turnover.

I understand that many of the jobs currently being created are low wage.  Some people will have to take such jobs because they are low skilled or live in an area where unemployment is high.  However, if your skills, experience, and education qualify you for something better, keep working hard to get the job you deserve.  If possible, don’t take the bad job.  If you have to take it for income, keep looking for work and quit as soon as you find something better.  Show no loyalty to an employer who will let you go without thinking twice.

Before accepting any job offer, ask this question: What is this company investing in me?  If the answer is “Not much,” keep looking for a job that values what you have to offer.


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