Career Calling

October 6, 2013

A Living Wage at a Fast Food Job

A Michigan fast food restaurant called Moo Cluck Moo is raising its employees starting salary from $12 per hour to $15.  How is this possible when most of its competitors pay at or close to the minimum wage?  Moo Cluck Moo has chosen a different path.  Brian Parker, one of the restaurant’s owners, said, “It just feels like the human thing to do.”  A business can do human things.  And sometimes, it’s even good business.  When Henry Ford gave his workers a decent raise, they were able to buy his cars.  A good economy does not trickle down.  It’s not a gift from fictional “job creators.”  When working people and the middle class have money and security, they will spend.  We need more companies with owners like Moo Cluck Moo.


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