Career Calling

September 12, 2013

Looking for Work

Clients will often call me and ask me about how they can use LinkedIn or work with a recruiter.  After I ask a few questions, the truth usually comes out: They are reluctant to look for a job.  I don’t mean this as a criticism.  I know no one who wants to perform this task.  Looking for work sucks, but it’s the only way for most people to find a new job.

When a job seeker relies on a headhunter or a LinkedIn profile to find her  next employer, she is conducting a “passive job search.”  A few people find a job using this method.  Most people, however, have to take initiative to network and reply to job posts, which is call an “active job search.”  Employers tend to look for employees only when they are high skilled or have an unusual skill.  Otherwise, they expect job seekers to come to them through network contacts or by responding to job posts.

Technology has made our lives easier in every way.  It has made finding a job slightly easier, and it has given us tools like LinkedIn that we can use to improve networking.  That said, we still need to be proactive in finding employers and convincing them that we are qualified for the position they need.  In most cases, the job won’t find you.  You have to find it.


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