Career Calling

August 6, 2013

Beware of Jargon

Every day clients bring me resumes and ask me what’s wrong with them.  Over half the time, the biggest problem is that they are written for the last job the client had, not the one she wants.  Often descriptions of jobs on resume are based on the company’s job description and are filled with jargon that would only be clear to someone working at the company.  It’s important to test your resume with this simple question:  Would someone who doesn’t work at this company understand what I am saying?

While it’s important to be honest in your resume, you do not have to speak the language of your former employer.  I’ve had clients tell me, “That’s how we say it,”  I inform them that prospective employers won’t understand it, and that’s all that matters.  Employers hire based on what you can do for their companies.  Think about what your next employer wants to know and use the kind of language you find in job descriptions, especially when you see a word or phrase repeated in several job posts.

Jargon kills.  Unless your applying for an internal promotion, cut it from your resume.


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