Career Calling

June 8, 2013

The Downward Slide of Wages

Writing in Think Progress, Alan Pyke reports that wages fell by 3.8% during the first three months of 2013.  This is the largest drop in the 65 years that this statistic has been measured.  I’ve written in the past that too little attention is being paid to stagnant or falling wages.  Even if inflation is low, too many people are falling behind because they are not keeping pace with increased costs.

What can we do as working people?  Don’t be loyal to companies that are screwing us.  Anyone who is unhappy with their current pay or benefits needs to dust off their resume and start looking for a better employer.  In the same three months that wages have fallen at a record pace, several of my clients have found new employers that increased their salaries.

How did they do that?  First, they aligned their skills, experience, and achievements to what potential employers needed.  Second, they looked hard to find a job.  They didn’t wait for the job to come to them.  Third, they did not take jobs that offered the same kind of salary or benefits.  There is no guarantee that you will find a better job.  However, if you don’t look, there is a guarantee that you are locking yourself in a work place that does not value or compensate your work.

If you’re unhappy with the way your current employer is treating you, get active and make a change.


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