Career Calling

May 29, 2013

Which Jobs Website Is Best?

Clients frequently ask this question.  They want to find the best place to find open positions.  I understand their frustration, but I start by taking them in a different direction: Let’s think about the best ways to look for a job.

1.  Networking remains the best way to find a job.  Nothing opens the door to a new job faster than a good word from somebody who has the ear of hiring managers.  With the advent of social media, we have even more ways to connect with people who can help us open door.  Build your network all the time.  Don’t just think about it when you’re out of work.

2.  Identify and pursue opportunities with companies that you want to work for. Find companies in your industry that will let you build a career. Searching by companies is also a good way to control – and limit – your commuting time.

3.  Use job board websites, but use them wisely.  Don’t simply register with a site and wait for them to send you listings.  Similarly, don’t post your resume and wait for the phone to ring.  Learn what functions each website offers and take advantage of those that fit the goals of your search.  Since you don’t know where a job might be posted, I also recommend using multiple sites.  You don’t have to check each one everyday. But you should set up a schedule you use to check for new job posts.

4.  Transition to a full time job through temporary or contract work.  This advice always comes with a warning.  I’ve known some clients who parlay one temporary or contract position into another.  The problem with that strategy is that this type of work generally pays less and frequently offers minimal benefits.  Some tech jobs can only be accessed via the contract route.  Otherwise, my feeling is that contract and temporary work should only be used as a bridge to a full time position.

The most important factor in finding a job is focused activity.  If you only do one thing and you do it half-halfheartedly, the job search will be long and unhappy.  The more you look, and the better you use different ways to look for work, success usually comes faster.  There’s no magic bullet – or website.  Finding a new job starts with hard work.


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