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May 19, 2013

Sabbath, May 19, 2013

[“Sabbath” is this blog’s Sunday feature that looks beyond careers to the broader work of life.]

Music for the Masses

I live in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood, a community that values the arts. We have several theater groups, musicians, and artists that hold frequent performances and exhibitions.  Yesterday, I was fortunate to attend “Let’s Do It,” a performance by the Edgewater Singers.  The program ranged from traditional folk songs to modern jazz and pop standards.  I’m not expert on vocal music, but, to my ear, the program was outstanding.  Later today, I’ll attend a concert by the International Chamber Artists (ICA), a local chamber music group.  This program will include works by Dvorák, Plog, Bozza, and Beethoven.

While the music in these programs is very different, they have this in common: no charge.  Both music companies want to offer high quality art to neighbors who can’t afford it.  Many people, including me, happily offer donations to support the programs and artists.  But others can’t.  They are out of work or low paid.  These people could never attend similar concerts held downtown or at suburban venues.  Companies like the Edgewater Singers and ICA do a real service to their community by offering free concerts.

I appreciate the opportunity to enjoy great music in a community setting.  Both groups hold their concerts at local churches.  I am more thankful that hard working people, some of whom are professional musicians and singers, donate their time to entertain and enrich the lives of their neighbors. What they are doing is truly good work.


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