Career Calling

April 3, 2013

General Language and Specific Achievements

A client was recently reviewing a resume with me.  She asked if we could edit the document to make it more specific.  Her request would seem to make sense.  Listing achievements would seem to be a good way to impress an employer.  There’s one problem with that kind of thinking:  job posts.

Read the description and requirement sections of any job post.  Employers request information that is general.  They want to know that an applicant meets the minimum standards needed to perform day-to-day tasks.  General descriptions address those points.  They also feature the keywords that scanning software uses to identify qualified candidates.

Should you included achievements that list specific facts?  Absolutely.  A good list of achievements sets one candidate apart from another and can be the starting point for a good interview.  Effective resumes blend both general statements that show qualifications and specific examples of accomplishments that demonstrate how you have gone above and beyond in your previous jobs.


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