Career Calling

March 14, 2013

Posting on Job Boards – A Caution

Over the past few months, I’ve noted how some of my clients have found jobs by posting on job boards such as Careerbuilder and Monster.  During a recent seminar, I learned a potential danger of this strategy.  The presenter talked about how his former employer had the HR department screen posted resumes for the names of current employees.  He didn’t say if those employees were fired, but employers in several states (often called “at will”) can legally dismiss employees who are looking for work.

What should you do?  First, look at the options and settings for posting.  Some job boards will let you post anonymously.  If you do this, be sure to make both your name and company anonymous.  Other boards will let you block a company from searching your resume.  However, if your employer is using a third party service, that option will not protect you.  Take the time to check all of your options before posting.

How serious is this threat?  Consider it as a risk and proceed carefully.  I have never heard of an employee being fired for posting a resume, but it is a possibility.  One way around this problem is to maintain an updated LinkedIn profile.  Since LinkedIn is a social network, it is a way to let other professionals see your value without telling a current employer that you’re looking for a new job.


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