Career Calling

February 4, 2013

Show Yourself as the Ideal Employee

Everyone wants to describe themselves in resumes and job interviews by using general terms like “hard working” and “team player.”  There’s nothing wrong with these phrases, but you can go deeper in telling an employer why you are the kind of person she is looking for.

Here are some examples::

Word/phrase: Took initiative to

An assistant retail manager might say: I noticed that the store manager was spending too much time doing inventory.  I took initiative to learn an inventory control system, which let my manager focus on other duties.

Word/phrase: Volunteer to

A nurse might put on her resume: Volunteered to work extra shifts and be on call for holidays.

Word/phrase: self-motivated

A sales professional could say in an interviewer: I have always been elf-motivated in following up with clients and solving problems in a timely manner.

Word/phrase: Proactive

A hotel employees might write in her resume:  Worked proactively to identify and prevent customer service issues.

Word/phrase: Reliable

Some looking to move up from an entry level job might say during an interview: My supervisor always called me reliable because I never missed a shift, and I’m always on time.

These are just a few examples of how you can present your personal qualities in a way that will make an employer want to hire you.  Think about how you go above and beyond what is expected and make sure that you communicate those qualities on your resume and during interviews.  Find the right language to show what makes you an ideal employee.


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