Career Calling

January 5, 2013

Patience and Focus Win the Day

A prospective client called me today.  He kept asking how quickly I could produce a resume for him.  He wanted to meet immediately.  I knew the man was feeling anxious and tried to clarify his goals.  Simply put, he needs a job fast.

That’s  a problem.  In a normal job market, it can take 3-6 months to find a job.  I think that average is still pretty viable for someone who looks for work the right way, which is a good mix of networking, applying for open positions, identifying specific companies, and using passive search tools like LinkedIn.  What can someone do who can’t wait 3-6 months?  How can a job search be expedited?

I recommend the following steps.  First, focus your networking.  Start with the people you are using as references.  Meet them, let them know your situation, and ask for their advice.  Let them know that you are open to alternative career paths because you need to start generating income quickly.  Second, build a thorough market profile by reviewing 8-10 job posts for the kinds of position you are seeking.  Know what employers are looking for and be sure that your resume reflects those qualities.  Third, apply for open positions every day.  It’s very frustrating to spend 45 minutes filling out an application and attaching a resume only to hear nothing in response.  That frustration is part of the job game, and if you need a job fast, you need to live with it.  Fourth, try to find a way to generate income that can help ease your financial burden.  Look for consulting or free lance gigs and part-time jobs.  The trick is to balance this kind of work with your more important work:  finding the right full time job as quickly as possible.

There are no guarantees.  You can do everything right, and still not land a job quickly.  However, if you don’t make the right moves and stay persistent in your job search, one thing is certain:  You will remain unemployed.

Stay focused and patient.  That’s the key to success.


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