Career Calling

November 8, 2012

How to Find a Job Quickly

Sometimes it is necessary to find a job quickly.  The first mistake people make in this situation is to enter a state of panic and frenzy.  They slap together a resume that is not targeted at the right kind of employers.  Then, rather than networking, the desperate job seeker sits in front of a computer blasting resume at all sorts of jobs, many of which are above or below the job seeker’s qualifications.

What’s a better plan to find a job quickly?  Try to use the energy of focused frenzy.  Be very active and very organized.  The first step is to identify the kind of job or jobs you will be pursuing.  Then align your resume to fit those jobs and make the best case why you are qualified.  Make a list of people who know your professional strengths, and contact those people to network with them.  Make another list of companies that you want to work for.  Check their websites for open positions.  After you’ve taken these steps, it’s time to look on job boards for open positions and post your resume.  Put first things first, and stay focused.

Panic is never a good strategy, especially when you have other pressures weighing on your mind.  If you feel yourself losing control, it is time to stop and re-establish a direction for your fast-paced job search.  Frenzy is not the solution.  Focused frenzy offers a better chance for success.


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