Career Calling

November 6, 2012

What Does an Employer Need?

Clients frequently worry about whether their resume will be found by “robo-screeners,” software that screens resumes for key words.  I tell them that the real concern should be knowing what the employer wants.  If you do that, the key words will take care of themselves.

How can you know what employers want?  My advice is to do what companies do: market research.  In the job search world that means putting together a market profile.  Collect 8-10 postings for the kind of jobs you will apply for.  What qualification and requirements are repeated?  Those are your key words.

A market profile will also give you a great guide for writing your resume.  Rather than just presenting a summary of your experience, a resume based on a market profile will present yourself as some who is qualified for the job you want, not the jobs you are leaving behind.  By focusing on what the employer needs, you will be creating a resume that is relevant.  You will also be preparing for interviews because you will be better prepared to speak to what the employer needs.

This part of the job search is not a mystery.  It’s about the hard work of research and analysis.  If you want to get a good job, start with a market profile.


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