Career Calling

October 23, 2012

Big Career Changes

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at the annual SEAK Conference in Chicago.  SEAK assists physicians in making career transitions, which was also the subject of my talk.

Many people assume that physicians have it easy.  What they ignore is the many challenges faced by doctors in the current marketplace.  It’s very expensive to get through medical school.  Then, once in practice, doctors face problems with insurance rates and ever changing compensation models.  With reforms in the health care, more doctors are considering taking their skills in a new direction.

While I only attended a couple of sessions (other than my own), I was impressed by the options presented to physicians.  Speakers, all of whom were MDs, gave examples from their own career that involved moving to non-clinical positions in investing, consulting, and, even, media.  People can make a change more easily if they have a role model, and the SEAK Conference gave doctors that opportunity.

My message was pretty simple:  Find your destination, build a map, and always believe in yourself.  It’s an easy message, but – like all career changes – difficult to achieve.  While I laid out some practical steps related to finding a direction, writing a resume, and engaging employers, I still believe the most important factor is attitude.  I ended my presentation with this quotation from Henry Ford:  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”  Simple words.  Powerful truth.

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