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September 29, 2012

Good and Bad Sales Jobs

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This week I worked with two clients who had two very different jobs in sales.  Both are competent professionals.  One made a good choice in accepting a job; the other did not.

One of my clients is a veteran.  He accepted a job with a company who offered a substantial first year base salary (+$70,000).  The company made an investment in my client, and it is now giving him an opportunity to apply for higher level jobs.  He wants to keep working for the company because it treated him with respect and promises a good future.

Another client has worked as a sales assistant for three years.  He has managed his boss’s business while the company owner took month long vacations.  This client is paid hourly at $15 an hour ($30,000).  His employer wants him to fill roles in office management, sales, and marketing.  The owner berates my client for the slightest error and refuses to pay overtime.  Naturally, this client wants to find a new job with a more reasonable supervisor – and better pay.

What is the moral of the story?  If you’re pursuing a job in sales, be very careful about the kind of employer you choose to work for.  Bad employers don’t change.  What they do is change commission structure and ask for more work.  A good employer lays out what is expect and what will be returned in the way of compensation.  Generally speaking, an employer who does not provide clear answers is probably going to be a bad boss.  Choose wisely.


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