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September 12, 2012

The War on Teachers

Writing in Common Dreams (from the Guardian), Michael Paarlberg outlines the clichés and talking points that the right wing media (which is most of the media) uses to demonize some of our most dedicated public servants – teachers.  Politicians claim to honor teachers while they bash “teachers’ unions.”   Chicago’s teachers are standing up, which is a good thing.

We need to think about this issue in its broadest terms.  Most “reformers” want to create education models that free teachers from the wicked unions.  When this utopia comes to be, who in their right mind will want to teach for a low paid job with bad benefits and no protection?

It almost makes one think that education reform is about something other than education.  To those of us who live in Chicago, we know what that means.  We’ve all seen the parking meter game and who won.  The same game is being played in education.  It’s not about the kids.  It’s about the money.

CTU teachers are fighting for the kids and their future.  The reformers are fighting for – a place at the trough.

P.S. Aljazeera links the teachers’ strike in Chicago to the national movement to privatize education.  It’s clear that the people funding the movement don’t send their kids to public schools.



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