Career Calling

June 14, 2012

Woman Doctors Make Less. A Lot Less

Think Progress reports that the average woman physician will make $350,000 less than the average male physician over the course of her career.  The study compared doctors of similar experience and skill levels.  It also notes that similar disparities apply across higher and lower level professions.  Simply put, women are still paid less than men.

I support laws for pay equality.  However, given our current political environment, it could be a long time before they are passed and enforced.  In the meantime, women need to be more aggressive about knowing what they are worth and finding an employer who will pay them.  It’s not easy, but knowing how the game is played is the first step to winning.  No woman (or man) should show any loyalty to an employer who is not treating her fairly.  Find a better deal and lay off your employer.


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