Career Calling

June 9, 2012

Why Wait a Year?

A client called me to say he had gotten a new job.  I told him congratulations only to have him tell me that it wasn’t good news.  The job was presented to him as one where he would be active in helping the department grow.  Instead, it has turned out to be an administrative position where my client spends most of his time in front of a computer.

He asked me to update his resume because he wants to look for a new job.  Some experts would say that I should have counseled my client to wait at least a year before looking for a new job.  To me that advice makes no sense.  Why wait a year doing work that makes you miserable?

My client asked me what he should say about changing a job so quickly.  First, I told him to say nothing but positive things about the employer, which is easy because he does like the people he works with.  Next, he should explain that the job changed after he was hired.  Finally, he needs to connect his skills and experience to what his employer will need.

Why wait?  Why stay in a job that make you miserable?


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