Career Calling

April 21, 2012

Target Your Resume to the Employer’s Needs

Any type of writing project begins with the same problem – how to get started.  In drafting a resume, most people begin with this question: What have I done?  This usually leads to a list of details that focuses on what a job seeker has done in the past.  There is a better way to start writing your resume.  Ask yourself this question: What does the employer need?

Your first step in looking through an employer’s eyes is to identify the type of job you’re looking for.  The next step is to develop a Market Profile.  Collect 5-10 job posts for the kind of work you want to pursue.  Analyze the posts carefully.  Identify words and phrases that are repeated.  These are the “key words” for your job search.  They should be integrated into your resume.  You can also use them to identify the type of experience, skills and achievement that you want to represent in your resume.

Once you’ve taken these initial steps, you’ll be able to write a resume that targets the employer’s needs, not irrelevant work history.  You’ll know how to reshape your experience, education, and technical skills so they match the employer’s needs.  Writing your resume will be easier if you follow this model.  More importantly, your resume will give employers the information they need to see you as a great employee.


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