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April 6, 2012

It’s Time to Quit

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When is it time to start looking for a new job?  It’s time when something happens that causes you to lose all trust and respect for your employer.  Here are two examples I heard yesterday:

A client was promised a promotion and a raise.  Thinking she was going to receive a better title and more money, she threw herself into her work and did things that never had been done before at her company.  There was one problem:  she did not receive the promotion or raise.  She respectfully confronted her manager and the organization’s director only to learn that they had changed their minds.  The person they hired is now my client’s supervisor and has a very poor skill set (but very good connections).  Once a company lies to you, it’s time to quit.

Another client took a job at the bottom of his pay range because his employer said he lacked experience.  Within 6 weeks, he had moved up two levels in his responsibility.  Recently he learned that people on his level are being paid more than double his salary for doing the same work.  These employees have been with the company for the same time as my client.  This company did not lie to my client, but they are exploiting him.  When a company takes you for granted, it’s time to quit.

By quitting, I don’t mean acting impulsively and telling your boss where to shove the job.  Be strategic.  Use the employer that is treating you poorly as a bridge job until you find something better.  If your current employer isn’t taking care of you, you have to take care of yourself.  Know when it is time to move on.


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