Career Calling

March 10, 2012

More Jobs – Less Pay?

Remember the old beer commercial:  “Tastes great.  Less filling.”?   The job market might be on a similar path with more jobs, but lower pay for those entering the job market.  Writing in Daily Kos, Meteor Blades outlines this problem and provides two charts that show both the good and bad news of recent employment trends.

The worst news in the study is that entry level wages for high school graduates have “plunged”:  Over the last 4 years, the starting wage for men with a high school degree has fallen from $12.70 to $11.68.  For women, the wage has gone down from $10.23 to $9.92.  More amazingly, the starting wage for men in 1979 was $15.64 and $11.56 for women.  This graph is clear evidence of who has lost the most as America has turned from factory jobs to low paying service industry work.


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