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February 11, 2012

Contraception and Workers’ Rights

Writing in Common Dreams, Roger Bybee offers a different perspective on the recent controversy over contraception and the Catholic Church.  Rather than simply look at it as a religious issue (and a stick to beat President Obama), Bybee puts the subject in this frame:  Workers’ Rights.  I recommend his article

If one employer can opt out health care because of a religious belief, why can’t another for a similar reason – or for some other type of belief.  I was listening to a political talk show today and a caller asked the host if gluttony was considered a sin.  The host said it was.  The caller than asked this question:  Could an employer stop paying for health care related to Type 2 Diabetes because it is often caused by overeating?  At some point, a smart employer will find a way to offer employees health coverage that will cover nothing.  I’m sure Jesus would approve.


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