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February 9, 2012

Be Prepared for Opportunity or Challenge

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Many people feel better about the labor market and are looking for a new job.  Others went to work today only to learn that they have been laid off.  Whether you are welcoming an opportunity or wrestling with a challenge, the key is be prepared to start your job search: 

  1. Have your documents in order:  Be sure that your resume and list of references is updated and ready to send out.  Take a minute and look at your LinkedIn profile to be sure it is showing you in your best light. 
  2. Prepare a networking list:  Identify at least 20 people you can notify regarding your job search.  Don’t simply ask them to hand off your resume.  Start by letting them know what kind of job you’re seeking and ask for their advice.  If they mention a specific company or person, then ask for them to put in a good word for you (along with your resume). 
  3. Get ready to interview:  Answer this simple question:  Why should I hire you?  The better you can articulate your value to an employer, the more likely you are to get a job offer. 
  4. Start and don’t stop:  Too many people kill their job search by starting and stopping.  They don’t get a call back from the “ideal” job, so they don’t send a resume out for two weeks.  A third interview doesn’t lead to an offer, so they take a month off to get over hurt feelings.  A job search is all about steady activity.  Once you start, don’t stop until you get an offer.

Finding a new job is never easy.  However, it’s important to be ready to react when opportunity knocks or when your blindsided by unexpected bad news.


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