Career Calling

December 29, 2011

Keeping up with the Pack

A client sent me a job posting for a technical position.  It posed this excellent question: “How do you stay one step ahead of others in your field?”

The answer to this question will help you set yourself apart from your competition both in your resume and during interviews.  Review what you have done professionally over the last year.  Make a list of the things you have done to improve you skills and performance.  This list could include:

1.  Education or training

2.  Publication in a professional journal

3.  Professional conferences

4.  Being selected for a special project that extended your responsibilities

5.  Being recognized with an award or commendation

6.  Self-taught skills that you have used on the job

7.  Learning from a mentor or expert in your field

This list does not contain all the possible ways you could have improved your skills.  Keep asking yourself this question: What sets me apart from my competition?  Don’t focus on what makes other people good.  That’s too easy, and it doesn’t help you.  Similarly, don’t dwell on what you haven’t accomplished.  That’s self-defeating.  Be positive.  What have you done over the last year that makes you very good at what you do?  Use the answer to that question to improve your professional reputation, update your resume, and enhance your interviewing skills. 

You know that the job market is very competitive.  Companies want the best talent.  Show them why you are a leader, someone they have to hire.


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