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December 20, 2011

Find a Different Way to Look for Work

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In his fine, concise job guide The Job-Hunter’s Survival Guide, Richard Nelson Bolles list 18 different ways to look for work.  He also says that most people only employ one of them, which leads many job seeker to get frustrated and stop looking for work.  I won’t list all 18 points (buy the book or borrow it from a library).  But here are a few alternative ways to look work:

1.  If you’re a recent graduate, use your teachers as a resource.  Ask them for advice.  Find out where recent graduate have gotten jobs.

2.  Learn your profession by reading professional journals.  Many of these publications are online.  Become an expert in your field, and you will be better prepared to look for your next job. 

3.  Use the phone book, especially the business-to-business Yellow Pages.  This often forgotten resource is still a good way to identify local employers by category/industry.

Here’s a tip I give clients:  Ask people who work in your field:  “How did you find your last two jobs?”  Their experiences might guide you to a new job.

Don’t quit!  Try something new.

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