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November 17, 2011

A Viral Occupation for Workers

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Anthony Hardwick, a part-time employee at Target inOmaha,Nebraska, was scheduled to work on the night of Thanksgiving.  Rather than just ask his manager for the night off, he took a bolder action by starting an online petition “to save Thanksgiving.”  So far, more than 155,000 people have signed the petition

When I was a child in the 1960s, stores were closed on holidays (many on Sundays as well).  We had time with family (whether or not we like it).  We weren’t chasing “door-buster” values at 4 a.m.  Workers at stores also had time to spend with their families.  Now Black Friday has bled into Thanksgiving itself.  Stores claim that consumers want more hours and opportunities to shop.  Do they?  Or are they reacting to what the store claims is the best price – chickens pecking at corn?

Harwdwick’s action is very important.  His protest aligns well with the Occupy movements.  We as consumers need to see ourselves in solidarity with other working people, including those who work part-time with few or no benefits.  An article on Yahoo.Finance notes that Hardwick is not now scheduled to work on either Thanksgiving or Black Friday.  Is Hardwick being punished?  Has he been fired?  The article doesn’t say.  He has opened a can of worms for Target.  Hopefully Americans will begin to think and talk about how we are living.  Should our values center on getting the best price or living the best life?


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