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September 29, 2011

Is It Your Idea?

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As a rule, most job seekers undersell what they have contributed to their employers.  This is especially true in situations where someone has a good idea that solves a problem or makes work more productive.

When you have had a good idea, take credit on your resume.  Here are some examples:

•     Conceived and managed a program that increased customer satisfaction scores from 75% to 89%.

•     Designed process improvements that cut production time by 50% (90 minutes to 45 minutes).

•     Created a newsletter and website that increased parent involvement in school programs.

•     Invented a component that was patented (patent #).

•     Devised  new metrics for evaluating employee performance. 

If you were part of a team, it’s is still acceptable to show your contribution:

•     Played a key role on a team that designed the company’s website.

•     Served as the chief writer on a team that developed a 150 page technical manual. 

Employers want more than someone who can just do the job.  They are looking for people who add value by finding better ways to work.  This type of employee has good ideas.  If you are that kind of person, don’t hide your talent.  Promote your creativity on your resume and in interviews.


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