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September 28, 2011

Always Go to the Interview

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One of my clients asked if he should go to an interview with a company that requires a long commute.  He doubted that he would take the job given the distance from his home.  I recommended that he go to the interview.  What if this job will offer something that makes the commute worth it or makes it worth it to move closer to the job?

I urge clients to follow this formula: If you are doing the right thing with the right people in the right place, the money will work itself out.  Most people who are unhappy at work don’t talk about money as their main problem.  They hate what they are doing.  They can’t get along with their boss or co-workers. They don’t like the atmosphere of the workplace.  People who are doing work they like and working with people they like usually call themselves happy.

The priority in an interview should always be to get an offer from the employer.  However, job seekers also need to make a careful evaluation of their prospective employer, especially the person who will be their manager.  Trust your gut.  If you feel comfortable with the people interviewing you, that’s a good sign.  If you see red flags waving before your eyes, don’t take the job (unless you absolutely need the income). 

You never know what a potential employer will be like until you interview with that company.  It’s a good bet to go to every interview.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  If a company you don’t want to work for offers you a job, you can politely decline the offer.  On the other hand, if the company is a perfect fit, you might have a good job for a long time.


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