Career Calling

September 11, 2011

Writing a Teacher’s Resume

School starts next week, and a logical assumption would be that most jobs for teachers are filled.  Once upon a time that would have been true.  Now teachers (at least in Chicago) will be hired and laid off based on the number of students attending school in the first weeks.  Teachers who might be laid off or looking for work should prepare a good resume.

For a public school teacher in grades K-12 every resume needs to list qualifications (education, certification, and relevant endorsements).  It should also describe what classes you have taught and how you have participated in any activities that have improved the school.  For example, some teachers work in before/after school tutoring programs.  Others coach or run music/art programs.

As school districts have focused more on tests, teacher also need to be able to show success stories.  Improving test scores is a good way to catch a Principal’s attention.  Similarly, any teacher who has had success in fund raising or grant writing needs to tell those stories.

Any teacher who loses a job at the beginning of the year has a tough task ahead.  That job will be made easier by writing a resume that tells potential employers why they need you on their faculty. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn.  Take credit for how you have helped your students.


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